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Apr 6

Here are some things to know when you start a career in arboriculture

Arborist, tree surgeons, Baumpflegerins, arborist, whatever title you choose, there are professionals working in the arboriculture field. Arboriculture is a broad field that can be practiced in any form.

Arboriculture can be described as the "cultivation, management, study, and analysis of individual trees, shrubs and vines and other perennial woody plant species." It is a broad field of work. This includes selecting the best plant for a particular site, caring for them throughout their lives, and even removing them when necessary.

Although no tree can grow in an isolated bubble of trees, our primary focus as arborists remains on the individual trees. This is what distinguishes arborists and foresters. The arborist's job is to save the forest. Tree care includes many tasks such as planting, pruning, diagnosis, treatment, and, when necessary, removal.

The core of all these phases are the same requirements:

  • Being safety-conscious.
  • Having the fundamental knowledge of the science involved.
  • Being able to do the job accurately.

We can teach any skill required to become an arborist.

What makes a good arborist?

Arborists know that tree work can be dangerous. However, they can reduce these risks by treating their work with respect and care. A tree crew's success depends on being alert and having a healthy sense of self-preservation. Because of the dangers involved, tree care should not be undertaken alone. Arborist Kansas City MO needs to work together in order to succeed. When the hours are long or stressful, collaboration and teamwork are essential. It is hard to find a better feeling than working together on a complex project and seeing the fruits of your efforts at the end.

Tree Trimmers Kansas City takes a scientific approach in all aspects of tree care. Our recommendations are based on the most current understanding of tree physiology, plant pathology, and industry-standard Best Management practices. A related degree is helpful but not essential. It is more important to have curiosity about trees as well as the most common issues that affect them. Many arborists learned all they know by self-study, continuing education seminars, and being certified as Master Arborists by the ISA Board.

Tree work is hard work. There's no other way. It is physically demanding, technically challenging, and mentally challenging. It is also very rewarding. Few other jobs can give you the same sense of achievement. Tree climbing can be a form of art in motion. The operation of hydraulic equipment can seem like an extension to the operator's body. Resilient people are the best kind of arborists. They understand that learning the skills required to succeed in this job takes time.

How do I become an Arborist?

The initial stages of a career as an arborist are often similar. An arborist trainee must be able to recognize and identify trees and other plants and learn how to use tools and equipment safely. The skills of an arborist are not taught in a classroom setting. An aspiring arborist must be able to perform on-the-job training. This is especially important for trainee arborists who are interested in working at height, using ropes or aerial lift gear.

Tree Trimmers Kansas City uses Tree Care Industry Association’s Tree Care Academy Career Pathway as an addition to our in-house training program. It provides the skills and knowledge required to be a competent arborist on a tree cutting and removal crew.

Tree Care Academy is a series of learning modules that combine on-the-job skills checks with online coursework. The Tree Care Academy is a tool that helps to ensure our training program conforms to all OSHA and ANSI standards. It provides the foundation for safety training and career-long skills development.


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