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Apr 6

8 Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas To Make Your Space Feel Bigger

Are you fed up with the small kitchen you have? Do you want to remodel it from scratch?

Not everyone has the money or space to create the chef-worthy kitchen they desire. Don't let that stop you from making your dream a reality. You can accomplish so much with a very small kitchen footprint.

These are some amazing small kitchen remodeling ideas that will spark your imagination.

8 Tips to Remodel Your Small Kitchen

Optical illusions are a great way for a small kitchen design to feel larger. These ideas will work with any budget or kitchen space.

1. Use creative painting strategies

Paint is an affordable and simple solution for small kitchen remodels. Paint can be used to create drama, coziness, and the illusion of more space in a room.

Here are some ways paint can make your small kitchen seem larger

  • Use neutral, light colors
  • You can paint dark cabinets a lighter shade or leave bottom cabinets dark while painting the upper cabinets lighter (creating an illusion of height).
  • Use bold accent walls or open shelving to add color and pops of color
  • Keep your ceilings white
  • Avoid matte paint. Satin or eggshell paint lets light bounce off surfaces and makes the space seem larger.

2. You can replace cabinet doors with glass and/or add open shelving

Glass doors can be added to cabinets or cabinets can be replaced with open shelving. This will make it appear like there is more space. This trick works best if your shelves are free from clutter.

Here are some ways you can make your space look great with glass cabinets doors and open shelves

  • Keep to a color scheme (all white dishes or all red dishes should be displayed, and mismatched dishes stored somewhere else).
  • You can balance smaller and bigger items
  • You can keep things simple by keeping the items you use every day close to your heart and placing those you don't use as often on higher shelves.

3. Geometric patterns are a great option

Geometric patterns are a popular trend in small kitchens. Geometric patterns are fun to add and can be tricked the eye. They make your kitchen appear larger than it actually is.

Geometric shapes can be created using wallpaper, tile, or the kitchen Wilmington accessories such as a floor runner.

Avoid adding too many patterns. Your kitchen will appear more chaotic the more patterns you add.

4. Mirrors and mirrored surfaces can be added

Mirrors can reflect light and open spaces, giving the illusion that smaller spaces are larger. Mirrors can be used in small kitchen remodels, or they can be added to a mirror backsplash.

A mirror in your kitchen will make it appear larger. It's good practice feng shui. Mirrors in your dining room can increase your ability to preserve wealth.

5. Connect your kitchen to the great outdoors

Are you blessed with a beautiful outdoor space beyond your kitchen walls? French doors are a great investment. French doors will let in lots of light and make your space appear larger.

6. Add some accent lights

Shadows can make small spaces feel cramped. Our eyes are attracted to them. Accent lights, especially under cabinets or shelves, can remove shadows and make a space appear larger. This will allow you to increase the functionality of your kitchen while also making it look larger.

7. Streamline Your Storage Space

Apart from feeling cramped and looking unfinished, small kitchens also have a problem with storage.

We recommend taking inventory of your belongings and decluttering as a regular activity. Take inspiration by going through your belongings. Keep only what you use and need. Do you really need 10 food processors and 10 spatulas?

After you've cleared out the clutter, you can make the most of your space by purchasing organizational items such as a corner cupboard. You can hide your toaster and coffee pot while still making them accessible.

8. Use Horizontal Stripes to Expand the Space

Wearing horizontal stripes in wide widths can make you appear larger than you want. Horizontal stripes can also make your kitchen appear wider. These stripes can be added with wallpaper, tile flooring, or rugs.

Hire a Contractor

It might seem like you could save money by doing your own kitchen remodel. This can sometimes be true in some cases. However, it can end up costing you much more long-term.

When problems arise, especially when it comes to structural, electrical, or plumbing issues, hiring a contractor is a great idea. Remodels are rarely as simple as painting and tiling. This is especially true for older homes.


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