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Bail Bonds In Wake County, NC – Ultimate Guide

May 22

When someone is arrested and taken to jail one of the first thoughts that come to mind is: how quickly will I be able to get them out? The bail amount they are posting will help determine their answer.

We will be discussing what a bail bonds look like and how you can post one. For those looking to post a bail bonds for the first time, we will offer some useful tips.

What Is A Bail bond?

A bail bond is a surety bond that is arranged by a bail bondsman for the defendant. The intention behind the bail bond is to ensure the release of the defendant so that they can await their trial date without jail.

A bail bondsman will charge a fee, usually around 10% of the bail amount. If the bail is $1,000, then the bail bondsman will cost $100 to secure the bond.

How To Post A Bail Bond

There are many methods to post a bail bond. The most popular method is to work with the services of a bail bondsman who is professional. The court may also make bail in cash or property bail. This is however an extremely complicated process and is not generally recommended by the majority of people.

If you plan to use a bail bondsman generally, they will need collateral to be used to fund the bond. This means you'll require any kind of property or money as insurance that the defendant shows to court on.

The collateral is returned to you when the case has been resolved and the bond paid off.

It's crucial to remember that you're accountable to ensure that the defendant shows up for their court date, regardless using the services of a bail bondsman. You may have to pay the whole bail amount plus any additional charges if the defendant does not appear.

How do I get bail without a bondsman?

If you have the money and the money, you may post bail without using a bail bondsman.

You'll need to visit the Wake County Clerk of Court's Office to pay with cash, a certified check, or money payment.

It's a disadvantage that you won't get your money back until the matter is finished. Even when the defendant is present to their court date,

What Happens If I'm Not able to Pay Bail?

You'll be detained in prison until you are able to pay bail even if you're unable to afford the cost.

It can be a challenging circumstance, particularly if you have trouble contacting family or friends who can help you raise the money.

It is important to remember that you have the right to a speedy and fair trial. Being in prison beyond your court date does not necessarily mean that you have committed the offense.

If you are facing charges of criminality, it's essential to talk to an experienced lawyer who will guide you through the bail procedure and ensure your rights are secured.

What happens if my Bail is denied?

If your bail is rejected If your bail is denied, you'll be required to remain in the jail until your court date.

The judge may determine the bail amount at a different amount or let you out on the basis of your own recognizance (O.R. This means that you're released from the jail without posting bail.

If you're released from O.R., you will be given a time and date to show up in court. You must be present or risk being arrested.

If you are denied bail If you are denied bail, it is essential to speak with an attorney. They can assist you to understand what the implications are and the next steps.


Let us end by sayingthat if you are ever in a position in which you need to make bail payments, please don't hesitate. Our staff is well-informed and experienced, and will help you get back to your life as quickly as is possible.

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