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How to Apply Tint to a Window

Aug 20

There are a variety of methods to tint windows . There are two kinds of tinting available: one is a pre-cut kits as well as an Gila or Elliot Baker window film. Whatever method you decide to use it is essential to adhere to the instructions of the manufacturer. This will help speed up the process. A squeegee is helpful. To cut off the tint, using a precise knife is feasible. It is also possible to make use of the seal of your window to help guide you.

Elliot Baker

This video demonstrates Elliot Baker, a professional tint installer, on how to apply window film. Make sure the window is clean. Spray soapy water on the window. Slide the film over the window, and allow it to slide. The film must be cut with the extra one centimeter. The squeegee is a tool to get rid of film that is not needed from the windows.


There are a variety of ways Gila tint can be applied on the windows of your home. It is a great way to improve the look of windows on the outside, like your front door , or for interior glass surfaces such as kitchen cabinets and shower enclosures. A good film will make your windows appear larger and more practical. It's easy and requires only a few steps, so it shouldn't be a problem to complete the task yourself. Gila window film is able to last for several years and is extremely robust.


Window tint is applied with the squeezer. Window tint adhesive responds to the pressure and adheres to glass. Begin at the corner and move up. When applying the tint, apply smooth strokes. After 7 to 10 working days the film will adhere to the glass.

Kit that is pre-cut

Kits that are pre-cut for tinting car windows make the process much simpler. The pre-cut kits can be fitted to any window, regardless of whether you are an expert or not. It's as simple as peeling the liner off , then apply the spray. Then, you can employ a squeegee for removing any bubbles. Once the film has dried and clean, you can wipe it off with an abrasive rag that is damp.

Before tinting, wash windows

It is important to clean your windows thoroughly prior to begin the process of tinting. Glass cleaner is the most effective method to wash your windows. Avoid using harsh cleaners since they could damage the film. It is also possible to make use of liquid dish soap that has been dilute by water. Be sure to make use of ammonia-free products. It is essential to wipe the liquid off of the glass thoroughly however it shouldn't be completely saturated. A lot of soap could cause streaks to appear on the glass, which will show when it is reflected in the sun.


It is essential to follow the DVSA guidelines if you intend to tint your car's windows. It is crucial to keep in mind that windows tinted illegally won't be able to pass an inspection of your vehicle. The DVSA will also test the level of tint in your car using light-measuring devices. It is crucial to be aware that tinted windows can be considered to be a modification when they are discovered in your car. This could result in any future claims becoming unenforceable.

Local laws

For legal tinting of your vehicle's windows, you must be aware of the laws regarding window tinting in the state you reside in. Every state has its own rules however the most common rule is that tinting should not be more than the AS-1 line. The AS-1 horizontal line that is visible on the majority of motor vehicles, is identified by an AS-1 symbol or line. Window tinting experts are familiar with the rules and regulations and are able to help you on the best option for your needs.


There are numerous factors that affect the price for tinting windows. Cost of tinting a window is contingent on the type of window, its the location and shape. Windows that are flat are less expensive than windows with skylights or multiple panes. The windows that are more expensive require ladders that are specially designed and will be more difficult to set up. It is also possible to install windows located on higher floors or in commercial buildings.

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