Adult training suffers comparable pandemic setbacks as Okay-12


The educational landscape in America has changed dramatically this year, for both K-12 students and adult learners. A recent report by ProLiteracy by the E-BAES Taskforce and the EdTech Center @ World Education interviewed teachers, educators and tutors in the adult education field. Various data were provided that illustrate the challenges and successes of the pandemic pivot.

MarketScale Radio unpacks the ProLiteracy report with the numerous educational podcast “Remote Possibilities,” Kevin Hogan. According to Hogan, the results are not dissimilar to those shown in K-12 learning, with distance learning providing both solutions and challenges for students. In adult education, Hogan said, many students dropped out of college because they couldn’t keep up with the stress of the pandemic. But the root of it all, says Hogan, is a digital inequality that is ubiquitous across the educational landscape. Unless everyone has access to the internet and digital devices, which are so important for today’s blended learning, the gains will not be visible across the board and inequalities will arise.


  • The ProLiteracy report takes a closer look at how the adult education landscape has evolved during the pandemic.
  • Digital inequality is ubiquitous regardless of age.
  • Adult learners struggle to continue their studies while juggling the modern stressors they experienced during the pandemic.