Adult web sites are extra widespread than Amazon and Netflix


Picture cPixabay redit

In case you’re wondering, Amazon, Netflix, or Twitter aren’t the most visited websites in the world. According to recent research by a Web hosting Corporations, Fasthosts, these well-known and popular brands may get a lot of traffic but they are getting hit blue and black by some pornographic sites that get more traffic than these household brands.

Research conditions that Xvideos and Pornhub with over 3.14 and 2.85 trillion monthly visitors respectively are superior to Amazon (2.29 trillion), Netflix (2.21 trillion) and Reddit (1.34 trillion).

Although Google retains the top spot with 78.55 trillion monthly hits, showing that this could be the case with the minimally designed website. Even if you put the total number of YouTube and Facebook visitors together, which are in second and third place with 29.27 trillion and 23.50 trillion monthly hits, Google traffic is still higher.

According to Fasthosts, this data was analyzed from October 2019 to March 2020. With most of humanity locked in their homes due to the pandemic outbreak and its aftermath, it is expected that traffic to adult websites has multiplied.

Even Pornhub recently announced that there was a sudden spike in the numbers towards the end of March, seeing 23.1% more traffic on March 23rdapprox. Throughout May, the leading adult entertainment website saw 10-20% more traffic than normal. From April to June, most people were still locked indoors. There is no doubt that both Xvideos and Pornhub would have climbed higher in the rankings.

Is this one of the main reasons why screen times at work from home or because people “research” in their browser’s incognito mode because they cannot leave the house have increased for most?

Whatever the reason, the ever-increasing traffic to adult entertainment websites and their presence on the top ten most visited websites in the world make us wonder if there is more demand for porn than connecting with people online, learning new skills, or even Exchange information online. What are your thoughts? Let us know.