Gainesville-based rapper Azazus helps the grownup leisure motion with new music movies


Local music artist Azazus got his first hint of the surge in adult subscription content in 2020 when he noticed an increasing number of Venmo and Cash app usernames on social media bios.

This movement prompted the Alabama-born musician to create his latest single, “Onlyfans,” a song that celebrates the online hustle and bustle of young people entering the adult entertainment business and using content subscription services such as OnlyFans and Patreon.

The song, which was released on April 24th, went viral on TikTok this summer and received over 100,000 tracks from TikTok users. This increased engagement in social media prompted Azazus to take his next step: to shoot the music video for “Onlyfans” that was released on Youtube 4th of August.

The video had been viewed over 10,000 times within the first 12 hours of its publication and over 50,000 times by the end of the month.

Filmed and directed by Gainesville’s 86 studios, the video begins with a short three-minute film set in the Swamp City Gallery Lounge with cameos from other local music artists such as Edgar Brann and DJ Mellow Blendz.

Azazus’ decision to include only Gainesville names was deliberate.

“I mainly asked her to have these cameos because of them [COVID-19] Pandemic, “said Azazus. “We can’t be on the road as usual, and that’s why I wanted to help everyone.”

Following the short film, the music video features OnlyFans creator, Coco Chanel, introducing Azazus to her online business, where she makes money from adult pay-to-unlock entertainment.

Azazus sees the song as an anthem for young creators trying to make a living in an increasingly digital world.

“The internet is so easy to make money for young women right now,” said Azazus. “The song encourages a lot of people to just explore different ways to make money.”

John “The Green Ranger” Eagle of 86 Studios said maintaining the song’s vision was one of his top priorities when filming the “Onlyfans” video.

“[My goal was] to best shed light on the culture of the OnlyFans movement, ”said Eagle.

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The OnlyFans movement isn’t the only cause Azazus supports in his music. His playlist “Azazus & Frands Give Back” is on his website donates proceeds to black organizations like the NAACP and the Minnesota Freedom Fund.

While Azazus only plans to release singles for the rest of 2020, he’s not afraid to consider himself a trailblazer. The artist has earned spots at local events like Gator Stompin ‘and the Changeville Music and Arts Festival, and has called himself one of the first “outside” hip-hop artists to break the surface of the Gainesville music scene.

“Hip Hop is kind of kept in the shadows here,” said Azazus. “There is no established venue for people who are solely into hip hop.”

Eagle tries to support this genre by providing professional video production to local artists that famous musicians work with every day.

“I can work on any budget, and they can get the same quality that high-end artists get,” said Eagle. “I don’t like to outsource a lot of talent from other places. I like it when it stays local. “

86 studios will partner with Azazus to direct the video for his next single, “Reaper,” a Halloween-inspired song that will feature a short horror film.

The video “Onlyfans” can be viewed Youtube now.

Local music artist Azazus released a music video for his latest single “Onlyfans” on August 4th.

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