‘Marshmallow Media’: CBS Defends Job-Killing Hike in Wages


CBS Information has grow to be a propaganda arm for President-elect Joe Biden administration’s leftist financial plans to prop up his picture. It threw greater than 1 million staff below the bus to make Biden look good.

The outlet printed an opinion piece masquerading as information with the headline, “Biden minimum wage proposal could lift more than 1 million workers out of poverty.” CBS cited the “nonpartisan” Congressional Finances Workplace (CBO) to propagandize that “[h]iking the nationwide minimal to $15 an hour by 2025 would elevate 1.3 million staff above wages that put them beneath the poverty line.” CBS gushed in its lede paragraph that Biden’s plan “to greater than double the federal minimal wage would offer an urgently [sic] pay hike to tens of millions of low-income staff and assist stem inequality within the U.S.” That’s a pleasant thought till you hit the main caveat CBS selected to bury means down within the ninth paragraph: “The CBO additionally estimated the transfer would value 1.3 million American jobs.” That’s the very same quantity Biden’s plan is meant to assist. [Emphasis added.]

CBS Information tried to rapidly dismiss this devastating CBO estimate as “a declare lengthy made by conservative economists” after simply arguing the CBO was “nonpartisan.” Maybe CBS Information spun the detrimental information as a result of it undercuts the narrative the outlet was making an attempt to promote.

The Hill columnist Joe Concha had lots to say about CBS’s spinning of the information and burying data that undercuts the liberal outlet’s pro-Biden stance. Concha stated the CBS “headline round elevating a million folks out of poverty already suggestions the specified narrative’s hand in what is meant to be an goal information merchandise.” He continued: “The story additionally doesn’t even broach the rising argument in opposition to a $15 minimal wage: Expertise/automation. Entry-level jobs are more and more — by the tens of millions — being misplaced to, for instance, the proliferation of self-service kiosks in supermarkets and shops. Or automated warehouses by way of robots.”

Concha then rebuked CBS for deceptive its readers:

[S]ince the CBS story didn’t appear terribly thinking about scrutinizing the prospect of a compulsory $15 wage as a result of the incoming administration is advocating for it. That’s painfully apparent and a preview of our marshmallow media for the following 4 years.

Concha had warned late last year that this could be the sort of fluffy, cheerleading media protection we might be getting below a Biden administration.

Conservatives are below assault. Contact CBS News (212-975-3247) and demand it replace their headline to incorporate the CBO’s warning that Biden’s $15 minimal wage plans “would value 1.3 million American jobs,” in response to CBO estimates.