MGCCC sheds gentle on grownup training with MIBEST Week-WXXV 25


If you’re looking to continue your education, MGCCC reaches out to coastal adults for opportunities to broaden your career horizons.

You are never too old to continue your education. As part of the MIBEST week, MGCCC is organizing outreach events for the adult education program in their service area with four counties this week. Kelly Parker, director of adult education at MGCCC, said, ‚ÄúStudents who have been through it, we’ve seen a lot of success with them. We just hired a former MIBEST student in our adult program. This is one of our great success stories. “

MIBEST is an acronym for Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training Program in Mississippi and a program at MGCCC and other state community colleges that focuses on workforce preparation skills and colleges to prepare people for the world of work in a variety of fields.

A practical field like welding is one of the many adult education programs MGCCC offers. “If a student wants to achieve their high school equivalence while taking college credit lessons, they have that option.”

With the ability to receive transportation and childcare assistance, among other things, the school officials hope that the MIBEST program can help adults balance life while looking to the future. “Our ultimate goal is family-sustaining wages, and for many people the first step in getting those family-sustaining wages is getting them to their high school equivalence.”

MGCCC held its first briefing session in Wiggins on Monday afternoon. Additional sessions will take place on Tuesday afternoons at the Lopez-Quave Public Safety Center and Biloxi Transit Station and on Thursday at Wayne Lee’s Grocery in Lucedale.