Michigan now affords locators for grownup training providers


To help all Michiganers with adult education opportunities, the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity (LEO) announced a new online tool, the Adult Education Services Locator.

This tool enables users to perform custom searches and identify a wide variety of programs, resources, and statewide school equivalency testing centers.

Stephanie Beckhorn, director of the LEO Office of Employment and Education, said, “Michigan has more than 100 recognized adult education programs. With the new adult education services search tool, it is easier than ever for Michigan residents in all 83 counties to find programs nearby to continue their education. “

By using this tool, more than 15,000 non-graduate Michigans can make educational advances annually and create pathways to better jobs and financial stability, according to LEO.

The adult education services locator can be accessed here.