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Monday Evening Owls: Excerpts from the December version of Harper’s Index


Some individuals conceal their COVID-19 signs. Some individuals—just like the one on this ICU unit—cannot.

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Excerpts from the December version of Harper’s Index:

  • Hypothetical median earnings of full-time U.S. staff if earnings had been distributed as evenly because it was in 1975: $92,000
  • Precise [2020] median earnings of full-time U.S. staff: $50,000
  • Share change since final yr within the variety of U.S. houses on the market: -35
  • Within the median residence value: +11
  • Share of People aged 18-29 who dwell with one or each of their mother and father: 52
  • Rank of this proportion among the many highest ever recorded in the US: 1
  • Share of People with symptomatic COVID-19 who deny having signs when requested by others: 34
  • Who attempt to conceal their signs: 55
  • Share by which males usually tend to attempt to conceal their signs than ladies: 32
  • Share of People who assume local weather change poses a threat to individuals dwelling in the US: 61
  • Who assume it poses a threat to them personally: 43
  • Portion of Democratic or Democratic-leaning People who’re attempting to “tune out” coronavirus information: 1/5
  • Of Republican or Republican-leaning People who’re: 2/5
  • Share of U.S. Black Lives Matter protests during which no individuals had been harmed and no property was broken: 93




“We don’t dwell in a world that suffers from doubt, however one which suffers from certainty, false certainties that compensate for the properly of worldly anxieties and worries.”
          ~~Les Again, The Artwork of Listening (2007)




At Day by day Kos on this date in 2003—The battle for the soul of the Democratic Celebration:

Divisions over ideology may be simply accepted in our celebration. We do have a giant tent, and coverage divisions are a actuality we are able to study to dwell with. Certainly, we have to dwell with them. Electoral realities imply that Democrats within the South must be extra average or conservative than these within the West Coast or in New England.

However the hatred the institution feels towards Dean has nothing to do with ideology. Dean hasn’t paid his dues with the institution. Dean marketing campaign supervisor Joe Trippi has made his identify working the campaigns of rebel (therefore anti-establishment) candidates like Jerry Brown. He isn’t a part of the chummy inside-DC membership of Democratic Celebration consultants.

If Dean wins the nomination, he turns into the pinnacle of the Democratic Celebration. He will get to interchange McAuliffe and fill the highest ranks on the DNC. Out of the blue, a “DNC Chairman Joe Trippi” is an actual chance, and for an institution that has spent the higher half of the final decade laughing at Trippi’s antics and dismissing him as a kook are out of the blue standing on shaky floor.

I at all times knew concerning the “institution” distaste for Dean and Trippi, however Lizza’s piece places the blame squarely on the Clinton crew.

Because the celebration’s break up into Deaniacs and anti-Dean Clintonites unfolds, probably the most intriguing subplots considerations the machinations of Gore. Instantly after the Florida recount was determined in 2000, Gore’s senior aides had been purged from the DNC and Clinton’s had been put in. Some ex-Gore staffers are nonetheless bitter concerning the coup, and several other categorical admiration for what Dean is doing.

And Gore himself appears to be modeling his resurgence on the Dean phenomenon.