NBC’s ‘Superstore’ Segregates Staff for Reparations: ‘No Whites Allowed! Beat It!’


NBC’s Superstore is an obnoxiously woke show that’s, fortunately, in its remaining season. This yr it jumped on the Black Lives Matter bandwagon by calling BLM protests “99% peaceful.” But it surely took the “systemic racism” propaganda to new heights this week within the episode “Hair Care Merchandise” on January 14.  

On this episode, the shop, Cloud 9, makes the company determination to not lock black magnificence merchandise behind anti-theft glass. The present is mirroring selections this yr from corporations like Wal-Mart, CVS and Walgreens to not permit a few of its shops to position such merchandise in locked circumstances. The reality is these shops make these selections based mostly on which gadgets expertise excessive quantities of theft of their branches. This is the reason electronic products are sometimes additionally behind locked circumstances.

However within the period of BLM company shakedowns, each determination is presumed to be based mostly on racism, not regulation and order concerns like which merchandise are most frequently stolen. After the shop workers liberate the merchandise from the locked case, the appearing supervisor, Dina (Lauren Ash), decides the shop wants to consider all of the alternative ways it will possibly get rid of racism. She assigns black worker Garrett (Colton Dunn) to take the lead on figuring out race points within the retailer.

The shop’s white predominant supervisor, Glenn (Mark McKinney), who’s quarantined at his dwelling due to COVID, calls in repeatedly as a result of he’s agonized with guilt that the hair care merchandise had been locked-up. He decides to make reparations to all the shop’s black workers by having a black-only pizza occasion for them.

Quickly, different workers of the shop need to get in on the occasion and discover methods to affix by arguing their very own oppression based mostly on a selected ethnicity or incapacity. When white, non-disabled workers ask if they might have some pizza, too, woke white worker Jonah (Ben Feldman) informs them that, “The pizza’s truly only for our workers of colour. The break room is type of a protected house for traditionally marginalized.” Dina places it extra bluntly, “No whites allowed! Beat it!”

From his dwelling, Glenn learns that now a few of his white workers really feel upset at how they’ve been handled. He calls Garrett on the occasion and asks him if a number of the white workers could have pizza, too. Garrett’s response is an perception into the poisonous pondering that’s tearing the US aside.

Glenn: So Garrett. How are these pizzas? Are you having fun with them and feeling appreciated? 

Garrett: Folks appear to love them, however I believe we’re good on pizza, Glenn. 

Glenn: Yeah, effectively, it simply… A few of the white workers had been upset that they did not get any pizza, and, you recognize, the purpose of all this was to make everybody blissful, so– 

Garrett: I assumed the purpose of this was to apologize to the Black workers. Both they’re reparations, or they don’t seem to be. 

Glenn: Okay, effectively, cannot you consider it like this? Like, for you, the pizzas are reparations for racism. And for the white workers, they’re reparations for not getting pizza. 

Garrett: Okay, so it is an all lives matter pizza occasion? High quality, nice. Okay, that is good. Consideration, all Cloud 9 workers in all departments. Please report back to the break room for pizza as a result of apparently, now everybody will get pizza. By no means thoughts that the essential infrastructure of this nation makes it in order that one group of individuals will get far more pizza than others! Or that a few of us spent over 400 years forcibly making pizza for white folks! 

That is the divisive “anti-racist” nightmare essential race idea advocates envision for our nation. One thing so simple as a pizza occasion turns into a supply of resentment and victimization. The entire episode is weird. Ultimately, the white workers purchase Garrett ten pizzas as a result of they really feel unhealthy about…what precisely? The truth that they had been sad when their employer segregated workers and gave a profit to just one group based mostly on the colour of their pores and skin?

The BLM motion and its push to make use of “systemic racism” as an excuse to divide People of all courses and backgrounds is a poison in our nation. It is also a poison for comedy. Superstore’s episodes are usually unfunny. “Hair Care Merchandise” was downright cringe-worthy.

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