Rick Minor, chairman of the Leon County Fee, needs to control grownup leisure companies


Rick Minor, chairman of the Leon County Commission, attacks adult entertainment businesses. While Minor says he has no problem with them, he believes that if too many opened on North Monroe Street, they could add to a “red light district”. There are only three adult entertainment stores in Tallahassee. One on Apalachee and two on North Monroe.

“The North Monroe Interchange is the gateway to Tallahassee,” says Minor.

Revitalizing this area is one of its top priorities. He says that this transportation hub brings more people to Tallahassee than any other point in the county. While he stresses that businesses have every right to exist and do business, he is concerned that more will show up. He has a particular problem with Hustler Hollywood, the newest adult entertainment store to be opened.

“The last thing I want or whoever lives here is a red light district in the most populous, busiest intersection in Tallahassee,” says Minor.

In order to regulate adult entertainment businesses, the commission needs to demonstrate that they have secondary effects, such as: B. increasing crime, epidemic or falling real estate values. On Tuesday, the commissioners will examine a report that shows that there is no link between these deals and the rise in crime. The report did not address the disease or property value.