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Rudy Giuliani’s Huge Technique Is To Beg A Courtroom To Declare Trump The PA Winner


Rudy Giuliani is attempting to argue in a brand new Pennsylvania court docket submitting that the court docket ought to simply declare Trump the winner.

Brad Heath tweeted from the Trump marketing campaign’s newest submitting.

Rudy Giuliani is amending the Pennsylvania case to revive Trump claims that had been unintentionally deleted:

Giuliani needs a federal court docket to declare Trump the winner:

Rudy additionally needs to dam certification of the election, have the outcomes declared faulty, and have the state legislature select the electors:

If this all seems to be like a determined farce, it’s as a result of that’s what it’s.

Rudy Guiliani is asking a court docket to overturn an election consequence with zero proof of fraud. Discover that the Trump authorized crew didn’t again up any of the claims that they made. They nonetheless haven’t any proof, however they suppose that Trump needs to be declared the winner, and all of us ought to transfer on.

The submitting from Trump is a kind of undemocratic madness that’s harmful to the nation.

The courts aren’t going to declare Trump the winner.

Giuliani has so little in terms of actual legal arguments that his huge plan is to get Trump named the winner as a result of he says so.

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