Steam blocks new grownup video games from being authorised till they’ve the “proper instruments” in place.


Steam is delaying approving new adult games until a filtering system is in place to keep “inappropriate” content out of players’ storefronts.

Steam is delaying approving new adult games until a filtering system is in place to keep “inappropriate” content out of players’ storefronts.

You may have noticed that Steam has restricted certain types of games from being allowed. Head over to the new games section on Steam and you will see that there are very few of these buxom, scantily clad ladies who seem to fill the covers of every visual novel game out there. This is because Steam has stopped allowing games with adult content until some new features have been added that will allow users to filter out such games.

It all became a big problem earlier this year when Steam got into big trouble with adult games like House Party, which had some very graphic and very adult situations but had little more than an age gate to keep kids out of access .


Age Gates have zero in the past preventing children from accessing the corrupt content they want. Therefore, of course, more conservative players were in the arms.

Thus began a time when Steam demanded that all adult content games be removed before they could be sold in the market. This move was accused of censorship by developers, arguing that freedom of speech should take precedence over protecting children.

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Both sides had a point, so Steam posted a blog update in June that said they would not stop developers from making adult games or stop gamers from buying them, but instead would develop software that would prevent them from doing that Adult Games Should Be Visible in the Market The user filters out these types of games.

There is only one problem: Steam takes a long time to develop this software.

An adult visual novel maker asked how long the recently submitted game would hang in the balance and received a response that it could be months.

So, if you have an ardent appreciation for any particular type of visual novel, you need to find it somewhere other than Steam for the time being.


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