Steven Spielberg’s daughter “enjoys” grownup leisure: “therapeutic”


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It took Mikaela some time, however, to find herself in such a good place. “I was my worst about two years ago,” said Mikaela – who goes by the Sugar Star name – calling herself a “harm reducer” and adding that she was in the middle of her “healing” journey. “I’ll say this, harm reduction is about doing your best and keeping your goals in mind with whatever substance you’ve ever had a problem with. It’s about making smaller goals that are more attainable.” “

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“Here’s what I learned about myself through this type of work: I learned that I’m not hypersexual at all, which has cost me money in the long run,” the star said. “I’ve learned that I don’t like hardcore content personally. Whatever you choose, it’s your choice, but I like soft and passionate content. My long-term goal with self-expression is to work with a company that has passion.” power-oriented content. “

The famous filmmaker’s adopted daughter previously told The Sun that she was working to launch her career in adult entertainment – what she described as “not full service” and as part of “online and just dance”. She has been shooting “solo” adult videos since February.

Just a few days later, Spielberg was arrested for alleged domestic violence. However, the chargers were eventually dropped. She noted that media coverage of her previous arrest made her “creepy media caricature of what we don’t want in society”.


Mikaela is one of Stevens’ seven children. He has Max Samuel, Sasha Rebecca, Sawyer Avery and Destroy Allyn from previous marriages and adopted children According to the and Mikaela. Stevens wife, Kate Capshaw, also shares daughter Jessica from their previous marriage.

For your information, Mikaela’s family continues to fully support her efforts. She previously stated, “I actually think when you see how far I’ve come from below a year and a half ago, they’re going to look at this and say, ‘Wow, we really grew up confident young lady.”