Stroll-in credentials for FREE grownup schooling programs


Denison, Texas – Adult Education and Literacy at Grayson College welcomes equality seekers and English learners who wish to enroll for free virtual classes on Friday, January 22 or Saturday, January 23, from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. without an appointment if you want Graduating from high school or wanting to improve your English, you can simply enroll in the Advanced Technology building on the main campus of Grayson College in Denison. Registration can be completed in most languages ​​with Spanish-speaking staff who are immediately available to registrants.

Adult Education Staff and Students at Grayson College (Pre-COVID)

Registered students should bring government-issued identification, wear a mask, and have their social security number on hand (the card itself is not required). Due to the ratings required for the placement of the classes, it can take up to several hours for the enrollment process to complete. Classes are currently offered online and different class times are available.

?? A high school diploma and a good command of English are crucial for entry into higher education and thus for economic prosperity. ?? Ashley Trevino, director of adult education and literacy, said. ?? By 2030, at least 60 percent of Texas jobs will require higher education, according to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. ??

Manpower ?? Income is directly linked to the level of education and correlates strongly with quality of life. The Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that those who graduate from high school earn an average of $ 600 more per month than those who haven’t graduated from high school. Over the course of a lifetime, this income gap grows to hundreds of thousands of dollars. As reported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Center for Society and Health, higher levels of education lead to higher levels of home ownership, health insurance coverage, family skills, physical activity, and better nutrition. A higher level of education in the community is also linked to lower crime rates and lower pollution rates.

Potential students interested in the free training can learn more by visiting or by calling Grayson College for Adult Education and Literacy at (903) 463-8784.