Ten grownup video games so as to add to your vacation celebrations


Who Said Games Are Only For Kids? Many adult games were either made for fun or created for your pleasure. Well I don’t know about you, but drinking games are my favorites, especially if you don’t mind getting a bit into the mix. The games can be played with your family, friends or couples. The more the better!

To give you a few ideas on how to spice up your weekend, we’ve compiled a list of adult games that you’re sure to try out if you haven’t already.

Naughty Taboo – If you’re familiar with taboo, that’s half the battle. Grab around 20 index cards if your group isn’t that big. Write naughty words on the cards like anal, threesome, sucking, tea bags, etc. Then team up with your friend or partner. The object of the game is to give your partner as many clues as possible to help them guess the word without saying the word or saying words that sound like the word. The more cards your partner guesses, the better your chances of winning. Now if you pass the card, you and your partner will have to take a shot. Have fun!

Spin Bottle – This is a classic game with very few rules. Take a couple of shot glasses and put them in a circle. Put some of your favorite schnapps in each glass. Then take an empty bottle and twist it. Wherever the bottle lands, you have to take the shot. Drink up!

Soak it up – This game is more for couples or potentials. The men should form a circle to the outside. Now take a bottle of your choice, preferably alcohol, and place it between your partner’s legs. Then all the ladies grab a straw and start sucking (lol). The first to finish their bottle wins a prize.

Never have I ever – this was a college favorite, but hey it never gets old. The object of the game is to say something that you have never done before, but you know that others probably have. For example, I’ve never had a threesome. When one person in the group has done this, they need to take a shot. Have fun with the game. There’s only one winner and a couple of drunks lol.

Blow up the balloon– Now that the weather is slowly warming up, popping the balloon is a fun game to play while cooking. Each team has to stick a different colored balloon on their buttocks. Run into the designated area and have your teammate hobble your bum until the balloon pops. A fun game!

Drunk sorry– You have to play the regular board game but every time one of your pawns is sent home you have to take a shot. Just right?

Drunk twister– The first player to take a seat on the Twister Playmat claims the drink. That player must drink before he can position his limb in place. If a player slips, they must have two drinks to recover. Restoring means that the player will return to the old position and turn again.

Top card– Everyone is dealt 8 cards; You play with as many decks as you need to. Put the rest of the cards in the center. The first card is folded up from the middle. The first player must discard cards from their hand that correspond to the numerical value of that card. You can use as many cards as you need. For example, if the card is a 9, they can discard a 5 and a 4 or a 4, a 3 and a 2. You can also just drop a 9. You can put the cards on top of the deck however you want, thus determining the next top card. If they can’t keep up, they have to drink and take two more cards from the deck. Try to get rid of all of your cards and get torn!

Truth, truth and a lie– The counterparties face each other. The first to leave claims three points over yourself. Of these three, one will be a lie while the other two would be the truths about his life. The other person has to guess the wrong statement from the three statements they made. It is imperative to sit in front of each other so that facial expressions can help the opponent guess the answer. The player who says the wrong “lie” has to drink from his cup.

Flip cup In this game, two teams are formed with the same players each. Each team stands on either side of the table and faces each other. Each player gets a glass filled with drink, and when they get three they swallow their drinks and place their empty cups on the edge of the table. Your job is to turn the cup over without touching either side. The flip is done by stroking the edge with your thumb and forefinger. The cup has to land on the table. The team that does this job wins.

What are you going to add to your list for the holidays?