The Chinese language recreation developer is gifting away free grownup video games to maintain folks at house throughout the Wuhan virus outbreak – Mothership.SG


The novel coronavirus outbreak that began in Wuhan has been declared a global health emergency, causing nearly 500 deaths and more than 20,000 people infected.

While it has brought out the best and the worst of humankind, some are developing creative ways to help fight the virus outbreak.

Game developers encourage people to stay home by giving away free adult games

With disease outbreaks spreading rapidly, the Chinese government has recommended people, especially in Wuhan, to stay home to avoid coming into contact with others harboring the virus.

Chinese video game developer Kagami Works is offering to give away 200,000 copies of its video game to encourage people to stay inside and provide them with some form of entertainment.

The catch? You can only play it if you are 18 and over (technically).

Mirror, an anime-style adult game featuring scantily clad girls, may be the game industry’s first major contribution to the fight against the coronavirus outbreak.

Not only did Kagami Works encourage people to stay indoors, it also helped people wash their hands.

Here are some of the promotional artwork from the game:

Photo via Steam

Photo via Steam

On the game’s Steam page, the developer added an update announcing its efforts to fight the virus outbreak:

Photo via Steam

The giveaway ends on February 10, 2020 at 9 a.m.

The free copies are only available to people with phone numbers from China, but can be purchased on Steam for S $ 0.86 until February 11, 2020.

Mostly positive reviews of the game

The game by Kagami Works is a story-based dating simulator with mechanics similar to Candy Crush.

It contains puzzles and levels that will help promote the player’s romantic progression with female characters in the game.

The description of the story includes:

“It is said that there is a magical mirror closely linked to the fate of numerous beautiful girls.

When you receive it, you can immerse yourself in the world of beauties and have a great trip. “

Several players enjoyed the game as they left feedback in the rating section:

But at what cost?

Top picture via Kagami Works / Steam