The grownup leisure business goes digital because the demand for grownup leisure will increase through the Covid 19 pandemic


From Sameer Naik June 6, 2020

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If there’s one thing Sean Newman knows – it’s that sex sells.

Newman has been in the adult entertainment industry for the past decade and has seen a huge surge in demand for adult entertainment in South Africa and the rest of the world.

But recently, the adult entertainment industry has taken a huge blow due to the global Covid-19 pandemic.

The recent closure of all strip clubs, erotic massage parlors, and other adult entertainment venues across the country has brought the adult entertainment industry to its knees.

“I think there are very few companies that haven’t suffered, and regardless of the industry, we’ll be counting the costs for decades to come.

“After the hard ban was announced, there was a lot of panic and uncertainty in the adult entertainment industry, not just from the venue owners but especially from the workers.”

Like any other company, Newman needed to act quickly to make changes so he and his employees could survive.

He cannot reopen his popular erotic massage parlor in Joburg for the foreseeable future and has now turned to the digital sex platform to keep his business going.

Newman, the former spokesman for Kingpin Lolly Jackson of the Teazers Strip Club, has turned his sexy massage parlor into a webcam studio to help his staff get on with their business.

He has also helped other salon owners around the country set up webcam studios.

Employees are trained as webcam models and given studios in which they can shoot their videos. Once fully trained, they can be used on cam sites worldwide.

Models perform adult-related services such as stripping, dancing, sex, and fetish-related activities in front of a webcam on a computer or laptop.

“I have owned an adult massage business for various points over the past 10 years,” Newman said. “I closed for a certain time and reopened two months before the pandemic because former employees asked me for a safe job, and then I had to close again.”

“In hindsight, the timing couldn’t have been worse, but as with most things in life, there is silver lining. A valid and necessary platform was created to connect with venues that were interested in renewing and changing their view of their businesses. “

Newman said he was interested in entering the digital sex market for years but was held back due to various challenges in South Africa.

However, the global pandemic has forced Newman and other players in the adult entertainment industry to change the way they do business.

“Four years ago I was a guest at AVN in Las Vegas and met with the camming companies there.

“I’ve kept in touch with them ever since, but I’ve learned that South Africa, like everything else, has unique challenges.

“The idea of ​​having a camera and no physical contact is intimidating. The technical aspect is daunting for them too, and this has always been the barrier to entry. “

“Unlike other countries where this form of adult entertainment is often the biggest moneymaker in South Africa, resistance to change has made it possibly the smallest.”

For the past four years, Newman has tried to convince the industry and its employees to look for new options like camming. However, it was often received with skepticism.

“As in most industries, Covid-19 proved that we should be future proof years ago. The technology exists just like the locations. “

Since his lockdown, Newman said a number of venues have accepted his offer to set up webcam studios to operate during the pandemic.

“A handful of venues accepted my offer, but many decided to go their own way. Those we have helped have grown exponentially during the lockdown. “

He too has seen great growth since setting up his webcam studios.

“While the number of visitors overseas has always been high, the increase not only in viewers, but also in performers has made itself felt worldwide.

“I think with hard locks in Europe, the peak traffic to these locations has been phenomenal. Artists who would normally cost an average of $ 500 (R8 438) in a three-hour session suddenly started doing shows with sales of up to $ 3,000. “

While Newman’s current focus is on camming, there have been plenty of other innovative ideas the adult entertainment industry could use to fuel growth.

“There are many other opportunities that emerge from these websites, such as: B. Onlyfans to monetize your content.

“You would be surprised how many South Africans use the platform. The digital landscape offers women, couples, transgender people, and men the opportunity to earn dollar income from the privacy of their homes. “

Newman believes the introduction of digital sex platforms like camming will help the industry grow significantly.

“I learned a lot about the benefits of camming when I was on the Vegas Show. The owner of one of the biggest adult movie names in the business told me he used to get paid to party, now he couldn’t afford it because the camming companies have so much money they’ll buy it all.

“A close friend who runs a large number of websites told me that the cam stars are the real stars because they build a fan base, sell their product, self-promote, and all edit their own content.

“The internet provided the platform, Covid increased the demand. The question is: will South Africa follow the trend or will it continue to do what we have always done? “

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