The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Workplace wants assist finding lacking adults in danger – information, climate, and sports activities throughout Colorado


ATV stolen as a gift from Make-A-Wish in Colorado SpringsA mother from Colorado Springs asks for help.

24 minutes ago

Experts from the Denver Museum of Nature & Science share news about the discovery of ParasaurolophusThe find was made in New Mexico a few years ago. Confirmation of the species was only recently established.

31 minutes ago

Robbie’s hope starts the third annual “Hopeful Drive”Robbie took his own life and his parents have been on a mission to save others ever since.

35 minutes ago

Park Hill Home denotes a landmarkDenver City Council voted to give the house at 6400 Montview Blvd. a pioneering name.

38 minutes ago

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office needs help locating missing adults at riskThe Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is looking for Graham Hebert, who was last seen Monday morning.

41 minutes ago

Weather-influencing search for missing Colorado hikersThe search operation takes place in Douglas County.

50 minutes ago

MPs shoot killing woman after pursuit in Adams CountyThe MPs shot a woman after a car chase with an allegedly stolen jeep.

58 minutes ago

CBS4 News Update, 1-26-21CBS4 covers Colorado first

3 hours ago

Cold and storms under controlLook at Dave Aguilera’s prediction

5 hours earlier

Judging Rules Denver must give 7 days notice before homeless people are cleaned upDenver officials must give written notice of at least 7 days in advance before the homeless in the city is cleaned up, a federal judge ruled Monday.

12 hours ago

Some Colorado pharmacists are welcoming the plan to purchase prescription drugs from CanadaAlmost every day, Dr. Ky Davis that his patients are making a difficult decision whether to take the drugs they need or to give up because they are too expensive.

12 hours ago

Members of the Colorado transgender military welcome President Biden’s executive orderPresident Joe Bien repealed an executive order signed by former President Donald Trump that lifts a controversial ban on transgender people from serving in the military.

12 hours ago

UCHealth works with what is given but aims to vaccinate more Coloradans soonUCHealth is pushing a mass vaccination site outside of Coors Field at full speed.

12 hours ago

Health professionals credit Coloradans for declining COVID cases and hospital staysColorado health professionals pay tribute to Coloradans as COVID-19 cases continue to decline.

12 hours ago

Rich Gannon’s key to a Super Bowl win for the Chiefs and BuccaneersFormer NFL MVP quarterback Rich Gannon shares his insight into what it takes for both sides to claim the Lombardi Trophy on February 7th.

15 hours ago

“Fill The Love” campaigns to fill Lake Loveland with waterPeople who live in Loveland urge city guides to find a way to fill Lake Loveland with water year-round. The lake becomes dry about 9 months a year and becomes a mud pit.

15 hours ago

Avalanche Beacon checkpoint stations soar at the Vail Pass SummitThe Colorado Avalanche Information Center received help from an outdoor equipment retailer to set up avalanche arc testers at popular locations.

16 hours ago

Price cut during the pandemic: Nationwide medical care accused of overloading masks and respiratorsA Denver-based company has been accused of misleading buyers about masks and respirators and of charging “unreasonably high prices” during the COVID-19 crisis.

16 hours ago

RISE grants help Colorado schools meet many learning challengesThe money from the CARES federal law was given to schools to help combat the educational effects of the pandemic.

16 hours ago

The judge decides in a legal dispute about the clean-up work in the homeless campA federal judge was divided on a lawsuit filed by homeless attorneys against the city of Denver over cleaning up homeless camps.

16 hours ago

Woman, girl at gunpoint filed by Aurora Police First lawsuit under Colorado Police Accountability BillThe video of the children face down on the hot asphalt in a parking lot held at gunpoint went viral.

16 hours ago

House lawmakers have put forward the only impeachment article against former President TrumpUS House of Representatives lawmakers, including Congressman Dianna DeGette and Congressman Joe Neguse, tabled a single impeachment article against former President Donald Trump.

16 hours ago

Colorado is taking the next step in importing prescription drugs from CanadaColorado is taking a new step towards importing prescription drugs from Canada. The state is now asking vendors to implement the Colorado Canadian drug import program.

16 hours ago

Colorado is expected to run out of COVID vaccines yetStates across the country are pausing mass vaccination events and clinics due to supply issues. Will Colorado run into the same problem?

17 hours ago