The pandemic doesn’t stop CIU 10 from providing grownup training progress information


WEST DECATURE – Just like local school districts and colleges, the Central Intermediate Unit No.10 Adult Development Center had to revamp its adult education for its coverage area in Clearfield, Center and Clinton counties due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although some sites are able to open up to face-to-face sessions, there are others that learn remotely or use a hybrid model to get their education.

“When the pandemic hit us in March 2020, we had to quickly switch from personal lessons to completely remote classes. We had students who did not have the technical equipment and / or internet skills. Our classes in the county correctional facilities also needed redesign, ”said Jenna Witherite, director of adult education and project development.

Witherite said because educational institutions were closed to personal education, instructors had to find inventive ways to deliver classes.

“Our instructors had to put on their creative caps and get to work. They worked diligently to get in touch with the students and meet their educational needs remotely. We were able to send packages to keep our students busy until we could see them again in person. And for those who had the technology, they could go into the zoom room and get to work. The aim was to continue providing classroom intensity to all current and future adult learners, ”she said.

Some of the locations used by the CIU 10 Development Center for Adults are still closed due to the pandemic.

“At Clearfield and DuBois we still use remote methods as the courses are in the PA Careerlink offices. The offices are not currently open to the public so we are following their protocol. The same goes for our class in Bellefonte. Classes can be taught in person at both State College and Lock Haven. All face-to-face courses follow the CIU 10 health and safety plan. This means that everyone, including students, must wear a mask and be socially distant in class. The areas used are often wiped down and the classrooms are thoroughly cleaned. We are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our students and staff, ”added Witherite.

Although classes may look different from a year ago, free classes will continue to be offered due to funding from the Department of Adult Education of the State Department of Education.

Residents in Clearfield, Center, or Clinton counties interested in earning a Commonwealth Secondary School Diploma (GED) or refreshing their classes should contact CIU 10 online at or call 342-0884 call ext. 3056 for more information.