Trump loyalists in USAGM are rewriting contracts to maintain Biden from firing them


He’s additionally taking steps to make sure that the following administration won’t be allowed to take the company again. As a Bannonite fascist, Pack has devoted himself to purging journalists whose reports may make Dear Leader look bad, to summarily ending whatever government rules and regulations prohibit that behavior, packing the businesses with far-right loyalists and now rewriting authorities contracts to declare that he and people different embedded Trump allies can’t be fired for at the very least two years.

As reported by NPR, Pack and the brand new Trump-allied boards of Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty, and Radio Free Asia have added “binding contractual agreements supposed to make sure they can’t be eliminated for the following two years.” The boards have been beforehand bipartisan. Pack fired the bipartisans and put in, after all, unqualified hacks.

Which means whereas Joe Biden can shortly boot Pack from his position as company head, Pack and his allies will nonetheless be capable to sabotage efforts to un-sabotage the networks for at the very least half of a brand new Democratic presidency.

Having the ability to manipulate what information is reported and the way it’s reported is, in each autocratic regime, important. Having gained substantial energy over how information is reported by U.S.-sponsored radio, or at the very least having gained the facility to take away any journalists whose reporting angers them, the Trumpians usually are not going to simply give it up.