Valve is briefly holding some grownup video games from Steam


According to Gamasutra, Valve is not releasing some adult games on Steam while it is working on a new feature that will give users more control over what content they see on the platform.

Indie developer Love in Space tweeted last week about their latest project, a Shining Song Starnova-themed visual novel that has been delayed due to the upcoming feature.

“We have now been updated by Valve on ‘Shining Song Starnova’,” it said. “The bottom line is that they are working on new features to give users more control over the content they see. SSS needs these features before they can go live on Steam.”

We have now been updated by Valve regarding Shining Song Starnova. The bottom line is that they are working on new features to give people more control over the content they see and SSS has determined that these features are needed before they are available live on Steam. [1/2]

– Love in Space (@Love_In_Space) July 12, 2018

“Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to establish a timetable for this, but we will keep you updated as we have new information and other decisions we make in the meantime,” he added.

Valve confirmed via email to Gamasutra that some titles are on hold and said there will be more information to share soon.

Valved was criticized by the Steam community back in May for trying to combat video games containing pornographic material. At least three indie developers received emails saying that their games would be removed from the platform if the content in question was not removed. The company faced an even bigger backlash a little over a week later when people discovered the existence of a game called Active Shooter that gamers could use to murder civilians in a school. Valve quickly removed the game and its developer from Steam. But shortly thereafter, a blog post said it shouldn’t be the one who decides what will be sold on its platform.

“If you are a gamer, we shouldn’t be making choices about what content you can or can’t buy,” it said. “If you’re a developer, we shouldn’t be choosing what content you can create. These decisions should be yours. Our job should be to provide systems and tools that support your efforts to make these decisions for yourself and help you make yourself feel comfortable. “

Variety reached out to Valve to learn more about the new features it is working on and when they will go live. We will update this story when we hear something.