Valve is responding to controversy over grownup video games on Steam


Valve has responded to the recent controversy surrounding the removal of several adult-themed games from the Steam Store.

Erik Johnson’s blog post points directly to the problem and admits that the entire controversy between Valve and developers like HuniePot, Top Hat Studios, and Winter Wolves is confused.

About a month ago, some Steam adult games received a notice from Valve asking them to change their games or remove the face from the store.

Valve’s primary focus is specifically on games on the Steam Store that go beyond the claims of adult content. “The challenge is that this issue isn’t just about whether or not the Steam Store should have adult or violent content games.” write Johnson. “Instead, it’s about whether the store has games on a whole range of controversial topics – politics, sexuality, racism, gender, violence, identity, etc. There are also controversial topics that are specific to games – like what represents a “game” or what level of quality is appropriate before something can be published. “

Valve has been struggling with this problem for a while. Many of the problems stem from games that are constantly banned on the platform. Others were previously banned because of their controversial issue. For example, last week developer Revive Games banned its upcoming game Active Shooter from Steam behind several asset flip titles. The game was designed as a simulation of a school shooting situation in which players can be police or school shooters. It has been considered incredibly uncomfortable due to the recent gun violence issues in North America.

Valve notes that the growth of its business and a number of issues arising from international laws and customs are an ongoing challenge. Johnson admits that Valve has no way of keeping everyone happy with their choices. Valve decided to make the topic easier and more practical.

Hunipop and other “adult games” were recently featured by Valve for their content.

“We have decided that the right approach is to let everything on the Steam Store except for what we think are illegal or direct trolling.” Specified Johnson. “With this approach, we can focus less on monitoring what is supposed to be on Steam and more on creating these tools that give people control over what types of content they see.”

Valve has been pretty inappropriately out of place for what gets released on Steam for a while. And promises to continue to do so for practically all content on the platform that does not match “illegal or direct trolling”. Criteria.

Valve also believes that it is not they who should decide what is on the platform, but the players on Steam. “If you’re a gamer, we shouldn’t be choosing what content you can or can’t buy. If you’re a developer, we shouldn’t be choosing what content you can create. Those Choices Our job should be to provide systems and tools that support your efforts to make these decisions for yourself and help you make yourself feel comfortable. “

Valve plans to continue reviewing games on a case-by-case basis. This means that some games that are flagged according to their explicit criteria may still be flagged. However, this implies that they can be challenged by the development team, although success is not guaranteed, with Valve trying to be as impartial as possible in the process. The company will also put more tools into the hands of the user base to moderate the content found on Steam for themselves, such as: B. the ability to override the recommendation algorithm or give players the ability to hide games based on keywords in the Steam store.

Johnson was quick to point out that this does not mean that the games are approved by Valve. “To be explicit,” he said. “If we let your game in store, it doesn’t mean we approve or approve of anything you want to say. If you’re an offensive game developer, we’re not on your side against everyone.” People you insult. “

In the short term, Valve will review the current games released on Steam one by one until the promised tools are fully developed and made available to the public.

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