Vince McMahon’s response to Lars Sullivan’s grownup leisure after the present


Lars Sullivan was released by WWE, and no one was really surprised. He had a lot of chances and now The Freak is gone.

Ringside News delivered an extensive and detailed exclusive on the subject. The general consensus is that he just couldn’t handle the pressure WWE was putting on him.

During his long hiatus from injury recovery, several older Lars Sullivan videos emerged years before he joined WWE. His name was Mitch Bennett, and those videos were homoerotic.

According to Fightful Select, several wrestlers have passed on the idea that Vince McMahon would not see Sullivan that way after these films came out.

Wrestlers told us there was no way Vince McMahon would watch him like that again after the video was released. Sullivan had been a McMahon favorite when he called up in 2019.

Lars Sullivan received pro wrestling training at the WWE Performance Center so he could be very valuable asset for another company. We’ll have to see where he lands next, but over the past week, The Freak has hit social media again with some intense training videos.