When martial arts and grownup leisure collide


If you’ve been into martial arts for a decade, then two or more, it’s interesting, you might think you’ve seen it all for sure.

But no, martial arts keep conjuring up new situations, new wrinkles that you didn’t see coming.

For example, the August 22 fight card from Thailand that featured an MMA fight between a super heavyweight and a middleweight, two bare knuckle fights with allowed head butts, and a handicap match, two smaller boys versus a big guy I hadn’t seen had such a collection of waste in one place. Everything streaming on for your viewing pleasure CamSoda, a webcam platform for adult entertainment.

The organizers sent out a press release advising me that the event is free to watch and streamed on Fightcircus.com. I didn’t see the matter, but I remained curious because for me the presentation of such a production on such a platform made it clear what a brand new world we live in. No, I don’t expect bigger boxing promoters to offer content on adult sites, but knee-jerking this pairing is not advisable.

The publication referred to me: “Fight Circus is the spiritual successor to CamSoda Legends, the webcam platform’s first foray into the fighting world in 2018 with a mixed martial arts card headed by the former UFC heavyweight champion Rich Rodriguez. The event marked the first time fans were able to interact directly with fighters in real time to determine bonus money and provide extra incentive for fighters while watching the live stream. “

To satisfy my curiosity, I sent some questions to CamSoda VP Daryn Parker.

Q) I am not familiar with CamSoda. Can you tell people what CamSoda is, how it was designed, and let people who are unaware of the structure of the business?

ON) CamSoda is a live streaming platform focused on mobile devices, ease of use, and mostly adult cams. It was designed with the advent of social and adult tubes to help models build their own brands and protect them from being pirated on tube websites. As a technology-oriented company, we focus on ease of use, speed and real-time communication. We worked on expanding the platform and had comedy shows, fights, cooking, and fitness training.

Q) From you, please tell us how you got into this business, some information on your way to where you are today.
ON) We have been dealing with the adult internet since 1998. One of our partners is Icey Mike Imber, known as Kimbo Slice’s friend and manager. We all train MMA and love the sport. With that in mind, and based on our connections and experiences on the internet, we’ve found this to be a great fit for our lifestyle and demographics.

How about you didn’t know about the connection between Kimbo Slice and Fight Circus?

Q) This is an “interesting” mashup – adult entertainment and martial arts. Maybe it’s not weird, maybe it makes perfect sense. Can you tell readers who thought that presenting a battle card on this platform would be good for business and how the deal came about?
ON) We have years of experience in adult entertainment and fighting game. We started Kimbo Slice’s career in 2005 on SublimeDirectory.com. Adult entertainment has a young male population of 18-45+ ​​who intersects perfectly with MMA. Things have gotten too standardized and too repetitive, people always long for the glory days of the first UFC and the mythical days of the Colosseum. With everyone locked at home due to COVID, we found some great partners with great ideas for exciting events that can make the most fun battle map in the world right now.

Q) How did the second battle card you presented go? What were the highlights for you?
ON) Well, it went off like a rocket. We’re just getting wet with the mixed matches. The Lethwei 9 Limb Female Fight (punches, elbows, kicks, knees and head butts) had super tough women battling pain and showing their determination and will. The fight between men and women was a great fight with a surprising submission! The 2v1 was exciting and unorthodox with an encore round never seen in sport before! The Kicks Only Fight could only have been improved by adding the karate kid! Overall it was a great success!

Q) I was told that the first event was the first time that “Fans could interact directly with fighters in real time to determine bonus money and provide extra incentive for fighters while they were watching the live stream. “Was this item available this time?
ON) 100%. The users gave a tip for their selection of fighters during each fight. We have given out thousands of bonuses to the chosen ones.

Q) What are your plans for more martial arts coverage in the future?
ON) We have a long list of interesting ideas that have been presented on MMA forums and by our users. We want to put together another battle map for November.

Q) What have you learned so far about the martial arts business and the similarities and differences in martial arts and “adult entertainment”?
ON) The demographics are very similar and people just want to be entertained!